HR Admin Automation

HR tech help that makes admin stuff like payroll, timesheets and keeping track of laptops as easy as the click of a button

Keying the same HR data over and over is a waste of money and your team’s time.

That’s why you need to get into the modern century with HR Admin Automation solutions that increase profits and save time.

7 bad things happen when you don’t take advantage of HR automation:

  • You waste wages paying staff to key the same HR data over and over
  • You risk HR errors trying to organize confidential data in spreadsheets and paper files
  • You risk loss and damage to paper-based legal documents
  • You waste time manually preparing timesheets, payroll, government and HR reports
  • You waste paper and money printing HR forms, handbooks and policies
  • You waste wages paying HR staff to do tasks your employees could easily do themselves
  • You lose track of which employees have expensive equipment such as laptops and cellphones
Don’t be stopped from reaching your business objectives. Get HR Admin Automation help from HR Pros experienced with modern cloud-based solutions.

Save Money

Only enter HR data once...and get your workers to do most of it


Relax knowing your HR data is safe, accurate & easy to access

Save Time

Free up HR & yourself from data entry & manually preparing reports

Reduce Errors

In your payroll, benefits, timekeeping, reporting, legal docs & HR data

Our outsourced HR Admin Automation packages handle everything for you, including needs analysis, cost/benefits analysis, vendor interviews, selection, implementation, training and company rollout.

Our HR Pros are real pros....with over a decade of experience in medium and large business environments, startups, and high-growth companies as HR Business Partners, HR Managers or HR Directors