HR Tech Vendors We Trust

We share your focus: creating business value

What does HR Tech do?
Simply put, HR Tech manages some or all the admin functions that HR and Managers do and automates it or reduces the time it takes to do it.  

Why would a business get HR Tech?
The primary reason why a business would incorporate HR Tech would be to save time and money time.

How do businesses choose the right HR Tech for them?

Unfortunately there are thousands of HR Tech applications to choose from, so it can be quite overwhelming. No worries, though...we’ve sifted through the HR Tech so you don’t have to.

We’ve chosen the HR Tech apps that are most likely to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Prevent duplicate data entry
  • Prevent costly errors
  • Increase data security
  • Optimize productivity
  • Improve employee experience
  • Create business value

HR Tech Vendors

All in one HR and Payroll

Rippling - All in one HR and Payroll
Rise - All in one HR software


Bamboo HR - HRIS
Folks HR - HRIS

Video Interviewing Screening

Test Gorilla - Pre-screen skills assessments
Willo - Video Pre-screening

Pre-Screening Assessments 

Test Gorilla - Pre-screen skills assessments

Candidate Hiring Experience 

Homerun - Advanced Client Experience

Shifts and Schedules

Bright HR - Shifts and Scheduling

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