Remote Outsourced HR for Startups or Growth

Get HR help that builds your new HR department from the start OR complements your internal team 

Starting a new business or growing one is exciting! But as an owner or manager, trying to figure out HR processes or priorities is often overwhelming.

That's why you need a remote outsourced HR pro.

What will your remote outsourced HR Pro do?

  • Prioritize your “need-to-have HR stuff”
  • Avoid all the “feel-good HR stuff”
  • Make sure you’re compliant with local, provincial & federal rules
  • Ensure your risk for legal problems with people stuff is low
  • Design your HR strategy to focus on maximizing profits
  • Automate all the HR stuff possible to free up your people
  • Solve common problems around hiring & people
  • Focus your employees on creating value & increasing profits
  • Even train your management on ways they can help increase profits too
In other words, our remote outsourced HR Pros are here to help you meet your business goals and maximize your profits.

Save Money

Only pay for solutions you need, not all the touchy-feely stuff

Save Time

Leave all the HR work to your outsourced HR Pro

Calm Nerves

De-stress by knowing your HR needs are taken care of

Increase Profits

Stay focused on profits whether you’re starting up or growing

Your monthly subscription means the HR help you need is always there for you. 

Our HR Pros are real pros....with over a decade of experience in medium and large business environments, startups, and high-growth companies as HR Business Partners, HR Managers or HR Directors.