Jampact HR: Why Us?

We share your focus: creating business value

We get it. HR is only valuable if it helps you reach your business objectives.

That’s why our HR consultants are all senior level HR Pros with a deep understanding of how good HR strategy can – and must – move your business forward.

Joan Pasay Jampact HR

Joan Pasay

Jampact HR is led by Joan Pasay, a seasoned HR professional with over 30 years of HR and business consulting experience. Joan has worked with multi-national companies in senior HR and with entrepreneurial startups, high growth companies and mergers and acquisitions.

“The purpose of HR is to create value for the business, its customers, its shareholders and the community. I always focus on HR solutions that move business outcomes and help you succeed.”  

Our HR consultants:

  • Are certified HR professionals
  • Have led an HR function as an HR Business Partner, HR Manager or HR Director
  • Have over 10 years of HR experience in small, medium or enterprise level companies
  • Are experienced in business leadership and ownership
  • Are HR and business tech savvy
  • Are experienced with company startups, high growth, and mergers and acquisitions
  • Are experienced with managing remote teams and contract workers
  • Focus on what advances the business

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The key objective for HR must be benefitting the business in a tangible, measurable way. Touchy-feely HR programs and flavor-of-the-month HR training are only justified if they actually move forward business objectives.